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Looking for playtesters for 15XX, narrative miniatures rules for the Renaissance


I'm an RPG guy at heart who is also a big (big) history geek. I've always wished I could have the narrative, RP-inspired gameplay of Mordheim, Frostgrave, Necromunda, etc. in the Renaissance / pike-and-shot historical era I personally find interesting.

So I'm working on a project to do that. I've just released the fourth closed playtest for these narrative skirmish rules, 15XX. If you're a tabletop miniatures gamer as well as an RPer, I'd love to get your feedback!

These are narrative skirmish rules inspired by the pike & shot Renaissance era of 1474-1651.

☙ Covers the smallest actions of the era - that multitude of raids and skirmishes lost to history

☙ Designed to bring the narrative stories seen in Mordheim, Necromunda, Warcry, & Frostgrave to a historical setting

☙ Narrative and campaign focus around the "band of brothers" at a party level, rather than individuals

☙ Straight forward list building that doesn't require counting points

☙ Warbands range from 10-27 figures multibased onto 4-12 stands (but basing is very flexible)

☙ Uses a large grid to speed up play and allow the focus to sit on the action rather than debates over tiny measurements and if units are in cover or not

☙ Scale agnostic; 15mm plays on a 2x2ft board


If this sounds interesting to you, then I'd love for you to check out the closed playtest! Sign up here:

I am actually not able to playtest but I would love to get a chance to peek at the rules here simply because I am trying to learn more about this time period. I'm writing some fiction set in the late 1500 to early 1600 period and getting some distilled insight into small-scale warfare and tactics would be pretty useful.


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