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Kenshi anyone here playing it?


   This is a game I just heard about maybe a month ago.  It is an RPG, but also a bit of a civilization builder and a RTS game.  Its deep and addictive, and I was wondering if anyone here has played it on the PC.

I tried.

But I really didn't like the interface - it's very cumbersome and makes everything more difficult than it would have to be. It tries to be both a party-based RPG and a strategy survival management game at the same time - but those two genres would require very different UI approaches to have a good UI.
I also didn't like how randomly you can get rekt by just about everything - forcing you to spend many hours in the early game basically only doing boring crap because at least hauling stones back and forth and attacking dummies won't get you killed.

The late game might be more interesting, but I never really got there - if a game isn't interesting from the start, I usually just don't bother further with it.

It was quite disappointing as I followed the game since way back when it was still using the Ogre engine.
There's some hope that Kenshi 2 will fix some of my criticisms, but who knows if that ever comes out.

I spent some time playing Ark a few years ago, so it made me somewhat immune to the boring stuff.  I think trying kenshi with a few mods (for me, the training mod and sparring mods are HUGE time savers) might help a bit as well.  The hauling stones is dull, but in the starting area its very easy to set that on auto while you run about with another character, or set it to run while you do something else.  I have characters get to 40-50 strength very fast doing that. 

  Toughness is the tough one, forgive the pun.  Even with 50 str and dex and defense and melee attack around 50 you will go down a bit easy in fights with crowds.  Toughness takes a bit longer to train too, once you get around 40 though, the character with it starts to look a whole lot more like a hero. 

   I dont mind the zero start for a character, but I do see where it may not appeal to people.

I tried Kenshi for a while, but could not deal with the character movement interface. People I respect say Kenshi is great, but given the amount of running around required in games like this, that interface is critical. After a couple hours, it still felt as wrong as the first 60 sec. Not the game for me.

Love the barren world and its environment, although the characters in it could be more deep. Leveling up wasn't a problem for me. as renting a home at town and copper mining/iron smiting can give you safe access to good equipment (albeit taking bit time), but rather pathfinding to the various locations I wanted to go and explore; my scouts end up taking a longer route everytime.     

Hopefully Kenshi 2 will have those nags fixed.


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