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How long do you play a MMORPG for?

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Until you hit max level, give or take a few weeks?

Heck I'm still playing X after Y years?

I get bored after a few months then can't justify the payments?

What's your experience?

I'm already finding CoH a little dull after playing it since November, got one characte to level 26 another to 20 and a small host to lower levels. But it seems pretty repetative.

I reached maximum level with Guild Wars, and still play that occasionally, but then I'm not paying for it every month.

If seen other players (on CoH) that have got several level 50 characters, and have been playing for well over a year.

How long to MMORPGs hold your interest? Particularlly when you need to be paying even when you aren't playing.


--- Quote from: Bagpuss ---How long to MMORPGs hold your interest? Particularlly when you need to be paying even when you aren't playing.
--- End quote ---

I have rather limited experience, but at some point the novelty of the game wears off, and at that point, it all depends on how much else I get out of the game.
WoW I found really tedious when I hit lvl 40 (out of 60, for the non-initiated), and hung in until around lvl 50 before I quit. Now, a big reason that I didn't feel very inspired to stick with it was that 90-95% of the guild played on different hours than I did, but a later attempt on EU servers with another guild pretty much confirmed my initial experience. When levelling became a chore, the fun was sucked out of the game, because the rewards for your effort became so much more rare.
I'm fairly non-typical though I think. Most people I've played with seem quite capable of sticking with it until they reach the "end-game".

Generally I find that my attention starts to falter after 2 - 3 months on any game as something fresh comes along.  GW I play off and on since it's release and will play it pretty hard between other games for a few weeks.  Then the creep starts to set in and I get bored again.

So we'll see how DDO stacks up.  I've got it free until the end of this month and then I'll have to decide if I want to keep paying for it.  So far it's looking promising for at least another couple months.

Xavier Lang:
If I'm enjoying myself with friends, I play until they leave.  We played Wow for around 14-15 months before running out of content.  After most of the group left, there was nothing left I could do alone and I didn't want to find another group so I stopped playing.  It was the people that held me, not the game.

Reefer Madness:
longest game I played was eq, out of 5ish years, i had over a year of play time (they have a thing to where you can see your time played for the day and total and i was kicking 400+days)

I raided and such in that game after max level, then they put in AA which was something you could continue to grind for (cant remember what it stands for but it was extra abilities, new attacks, and new skills and powers)

I find a game that has trade skills and/or soloability I will spend more time playing


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