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HOIIV--Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back!

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I have been playing this fantastic World War II global strategy wargame, produced by Paradox.

The game is enormous, with multiple layers of detail and nuance, embracing politics, economic development, scientific research, military industry, civilian industry, and the organization and building of armies and fleets.

And, of course, mass combat focused on the Regimental, Division, Corps, and Army levels.

The game is *deep*

I have recently been playing the Soviet Union, beginning the game in the January, 1936 Scenario.

The greatest challenge of course, is surviving the massive German invasion of Barbarossa. The Nazi onslaught is ferocious!

There are so many tension and crisis points, epic strategic choices from what areas to fortify, what cities to evacuate critical industry, the building and organizing of armies, and then coming to grips with the vast struggle of fighting the Panzers over every step of Russia. If fortunate, and with some planning and a little luck, the Motherland can be saved from the Nazi beasts! Gradually, the Russian industry grows, slowly, but then steadily increasing. In the field, as long as you carefully endure and fight hard, the Russian armies steadily gain reinforcements. The people hear the Call of the Motherland! On the battlefield, Russian armies grow in strength. The Russian Air Force increases in numbers, strength, and skill, gradually gaining air superiority over the Luftwaffe.

Then, the time slowly arrives where the Russian Tank Armies stack up, infantry armies are now fully equipped with the best artillery, and supplies are plentiful. The defenses are strengthened, and held. The Nazi armies are suffering from the bitter winters, and even the arrival of spring and summer doesn't provide much respite for the Wehrmacht. The time comes to take Not One Step Back! The timefor counter-attacking has arrived!

With stronger armies, more and more tanks, and a flood of new infantry armies now arriving, the Red Army unleashes the wrath of the Motherland! It is epic to drive the Nazis back from Russian soil, and hammer the Wehrmacht again and again! The German Army is steadily crushed on the Road to Berlin!

Such an awesome game!

Semper Fidelis,


Yeah, I can recommend it, too.

It sure is a tough learning curve to begin with, but very much possible.

One thing I VERY MUCH wish the game or community would tell you if you're starting:
Do not - I repeat, DO NOT - play a major nation on your first one or two games. No Germany, no Soviets, no US, no Britain.
All of these nations have a million things going on that will just be too much when starting out.

Instead, pick something smaller, with less production, less manpower, etc.
Bonus points if your own territory is relatively safe. Canada would fit the bill, for example. But anything, really, as long as it isn't a major power and not bordering an aggressive one, either (maybe don't play Poland first).
Smaller, less powerful nations are a much better entry point - just don't expect to decide any wars on your own.

By now, though, I am not playing the vanilla game any more.
Kaiserreich, Road To 56, The New Order or Old World Blues is where it's at.

Been playing the hell out of this game for a while now. There's a whole lot to take in, it can be overwhelming at first. Recently I've been playing the Fallout mod, Old World Blues, it's very much worth a try if you're a fan of both games.


Indeed, HOIIV has a steep learning curve for certain! The good thing is the *AI* and the features allow you to kind of automate many things, and generally achieve some modest success at least. However, it is quite challenging trying to manage and take care of every detail constantly. I often find myself saying, "Oh, damnit! I forgot to do X, or Y, or Z when it last cycled up--or when the opportunity came. Especially when I am focused on some huge, life-and death-battle somewhere. *Laughing*

My first three games playing the Soviet Union had me enduring the shame and frustration of having the Wehrmacht drive me entirely to the Urals! In each occasion, surrender and abject capitulation followed.

It is definitely fun though, learning everything, and piece by piece, applying the lessons and knowledge, and seeing dramatically different results!

Semper Fidelis,



--- Quote from: SHARK on March 25, 2022, 02:24:50 AM ---
My first three games playing the Soviet Union had me enduring the shame and frustration of having the Wehrmacht drive me entirely to the Urals! In each occasion, surrender and abject capitulation followed.

--- End quote ---

But the Bulgarian ambassador said you could do that and STILL win the war!  You should have him shot, Comrade Stalin!


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