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HOIIV--Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back!

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--- Quote from: TheSHEEEP on March 23, 2022, 03:12:39 PM ---Yeah, I can recommend it, too.

It sure is a tough learning curve to begin with, but very much possible.

One thing I VERY MUCH wish the game or community would tell you if you're starting:
Do not - I repeat, DO NOT - play a major nation on your first one or two games. No Germany, no Soviets, no US, no Britain.
All of these nations have a million things going on that will just be too much when starting out.

Instead, pick something smaller, with less production, less manpower, etc.
Bonus points if your own territory is relatively safe. Canada would fit the bill, for example. But anything, really, as long as it isn't a major power and not bordering an aggressive one, either (maybe don't play Poland first).
Smaller, less powerful nations are a much better entry point - just don't expect to decide any wars on your own.

By now, though, I am not playing the vanilla game any more.
Kaiserreich, Road To 56, The New Order or Old World Blues is where it's at.

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Awesome! Yeah, there is definitely a learning curve to the game! *Laughing* A million things going on all at once, but damn, so entertaining. The game is deep. Lots of different nuances and layers of expertise and such for everything. Armoured forces, defense, conducting offensives, creation of divisions, the air war, and of course, the Naval War and conducting amphibious operations. Coordinating civilian and military industry, technological research, and more. Damn! *Laughing*

Semper Fidelis,



--- Quote from: I on March 28, 2022, 02:36:47 PM ---
--- Quote from: SHARK on March 25, 2022, 02:24:50 AM ---
My first three games playing the Soviet Union had me enduring the shame and frustration of having the Wehrmacht drive me entirely to the Urals! In each occasion, surrender and abject capitulation followed.

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But the Bulgarian ambassador said you could do that and STILL win the war!  You should have him shot, Comrade Stalin!

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Yeah, it was definitely a humbling experience! It was absolutely *thrilling* the first time my Soviet forces managed to halt the Wehrmacht's advance, and I watched over time of several in-game months as my own forces, combined with carefully-placed fortifications, gradually broke the Nazi invaders. The winter weather, of course, was a great blessing, helping to slow the Wehrmacht's Panzers to a crawl. THEN, my own reserves had finally begun to get their shit together, and start rolling the Nazi armies back! So awesome!

Semper Fidelis,


Sadly i could never get into HOI IV... and i've tried, since i've played 1000's of hours of HOI I and II (Vanilla as well as heavily modded) and a bit
of time with HOI III (Which took the micromanagement to a truly ridiculous level... moreso even than II) and consider it one of the best PC strategy
games ever made, even if i missed the insane level of detail in the research/tech development from HOI I.  (You had to research every little thing,
and could do ridiculous things such as mounting a 20mm Gun on a Maus Tank, if you wished to do something that silly)

I still play HOI II usually Arsenal of Democracy or Darkest Hour every now and then.  III was too involved, even for me.  And IV i disliked on release
because it seemed to lack so much of the depth and minutiae of the earlier games.  I was used to assigning my own officers down to the divisional
level, setting detailed orders to every group of airwings, cursing my stupidity when i forgot to set a coordinated arrival time for one of my divisions
to attack and see them mauled as they arrived early with no support, canning ministers who displeased me, and any number of other little tricks you
could pull off, and the ability to play as Tannu-Tuva and attempt to keep the soviets from annexing me.

One time i played Batista's Cuba, just for fun.  And one time i refused to purge the officer corps in a Soviet playthrough and was hampered the entire
game with the Incompetent generals you're stuck with for the rest of the game.  Heh, fun times.  Took Berlin with France one time, thanks to the AI
firing off Barbarossa with an unconquered France still intact, if battered, in 1941.

Was happy to hear someone likes the game though, honestly, i haven't tried it since around it's release, i really should give HOI IV another chance, as
i'm sure quite a bit of what i disliked about it may be fixed, going by some of what you said in that post.  And an expansion pack or two for it won't kill me.

But if you like it, i'd highly recommend HOI II, or the two variants built on the same engine, those being Arsenal of Democracy and Darkest Hour.
They're usually cheap enough and well worth playing if you can get into them. 

As an old grognard who hasn't found an opponent (live) to play ASL, Third Reich, Flat Top, or La Bataille d'Auerstadt in nigh two decades, HOI has been
a favorite for ages, and now i'm inspired to delete enough from my hard-drive to reinstall it to see how it's come along.

I just started a game the other day, still learning the ropes, and played as non-aligned Bulgaria from 1939. Naturally I wanted to expand, what true petty tyrant doesn't? So I figured Greece on my southern border was ripe for conquest. I had to work fast, building an army with limited resources knowing Italy was going to overtake me if I took too long. Eventually King Boris managed to secure the pretext, and so I declared war.

Fighting on the frontier was fierce but those Greeks gave no ground. Worse still, I lost air superiority! How did that happen? No, stupid question.... Anyway, by May we had started to break the Greek defence and the war went to a terrible battle for Thessalonika in June. My forces were waning due to attrition though for some daft reason the British Raj in India was sending supplies. Jolly nice of him.

In July the proverbial donkey poo hit the fan. Italy struck south from Albania, and Vichy France made an amphibious landing in the Peloponnese. Thessalonika fell as Greece went into chaos trying to defend so I struck south for Athens. By September I was in control of eastern Greece and fighting subsided with Greek government in Crete. Italy and Vichy France between them have secured a huge swathe of Africa, ousted the British from Egypt, and the Suez Canal is in Axis hands, and despite Germany wanting us to sign up, for the moment I think Bulgaria will lick its wounds and be satisfied in thwarted Italian ambition... well... Almost. But the war goes on, as wars do until defeat or agreement.

STOP PRESS - in the last five minutes (end of September in game time) Greece has capitulated. Bulgarians, this is Victory Day! Now Britain clearly wants us to fight France. Erm... Not right now Winston....

THIS MORNINGS PAPERS - April 12th 1941. It's over, it's all over, Bulgaria has capitulated. Yugoslavia overwhelmed my western frontier, Romania (who had supplied me with equipment until this point) are now invading from the north. The Third Reich didn't like my emergency alliance with the Western Allies (Yes, okay Winston, I'm on your side now. Please stop the British-Bulgarian War). Units from Britain and Australia landed on the Black Sea coast but could not stem the Nazi tide and certain disagreeable symbols have appeared on flags outside public buildings. If you want me, I've packed a suitcase, headed for Argentina, where I will start an Old Tyrants Club and a lot of conspiracy theories)

HOI4 is a very good game. Its lifespan is almost unlimited with the multiple mods made by the community.


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