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GeForce or Radeon?

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One thing that I love about nVidia, is that in they're latest product, they not only provided better benchmarks, as would be expected, but they also provide a more effient card.  It runs cooler and with less energy used than many of todays leading cards.  I think that's a step in the right direction.  Kudos nVidia.

I went the NVidia route on the system I built about a month ago.  As several are saying here, various Internet forums just seemed to speak more highly of them.

Reefer Madness:
I like the Geforce cards, but you need to shop around, there are several different companies that make them and soem of them do shoddy some research on the cards to make sure they have a cooling system you want...i been shopping around and looking at the 6600 gt's and run into ones with just a heat sink, or just a fan, or both, then some people complain about the fan noise and so on...I like Asus Geforce cards, but they are usually on the higher end...but I've never been let down by them...

Best high end nVidia cards would be BFG with the best low to mid being eVGA.


--- Quote from: Knightcrawler ---Best high end nVidia cards would be BFG with the best low to mid being eVGA.
--- End quote ---

The one I just picked up recently is an eVGA.  It has worked well so far under Linux.  Been pretty decent for the limited game playing I do - some Unreal Tournament 2004 and Quake 4.


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