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Five Parsecs from Home

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Anyone else giving this a try. Seems like a streamlined RPG in the old school way.
Mostly a D6 system but functional certainly.
While intended to be played with miniatures, so was D&D and look where that lead.
May not replace Traveller but looks good for improv Sci-Fi.

A friend of mine has played the original version. It's not really an RPG. More like a miniatures skirmish game where you fight random AI bad guys. Plus a campaign system where your crew gains XP. Think of it as a solo version of Necromunda. There is a whole series of games using the same system.

There's a fantasy version called Five Leagues from Home and a post-apoc version called Five Klicks from the Zone (or something like that).

"Not really an RPG." Seems to be a frequent response these days. :D

I'm hoping that as a Solo / Multiplayer game it could still be fun with or without other players.

What do you really need rules for except life & death combat. Everything else can pretty much be adjudicated by reasonable people.

Starport Scum looks like the RPG version of 5P.
The video "Star Dogs" might be a Live Action version of Starport Scum.
I say that because 5P tends to have a bigger party and there are only 4 people on the Start Dogs crew.


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