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--- Quote from: Greentongue on July 09, 2021, 01:35:57 PM ---Starport Scum looks like the RPG version of 5P.  mcdvoice
The video "Star Dogs" might be a Live Action version of Starport Scum.
I say that because 5P tends to have a bigger party and there are only 4 people on the Start Dogs crew.

--- End quote ---

What do you really need rules for except life & death combat. Everything else can pretty much be adjudicated by reasonable people.

Post a link to the game. Interested to see any reviews.

I'm always up for a RPG skirmish hybrid.

Five Parsecs From Home Review: Adventure Wargaming Video

What constitutes a role playing game? I ask because the previous posts underliena  tendency to classify rule sets acording to some sort of perceived conformity. I'm not trying to criticise, I just think it's important to realise that however rigid and bespoke the rules might be, every game is individualistic because it relies on storytelling rather than being a game (or at least in my view it shouldl). I was accused of being 'arbitrary' on another website because I made decisions for the purposes of the campaign. It is true I regard rules in RPG's as necessary evils, and there have been plenty of disagreements with players who quoted from the rulebook when I made a decision that they didn't like.

I remember that very first 40K volume. Can't even remember the name of it now, it was sort of a wargame with enough bits in it to use for roleplay - this was before a formal 40K RPG was even touted.  I own a set of rules for 1/300 WW2 armoured warfare. A wargame, unashamedly. But you could use it as a base for WW2 roleplay if you wanted. That was the point. The rules serve a purpose, not to define the game.

Okay, I'll go back to sleep :D

I'm not sure if the question was specifically directed towards me but, to me it is the emergent story created from the interactions of characters, that have been defined with some characteristics and skills, reacting to situations they find themselves in, at the direction of a player.

As far as 5P, you have characters that can react, to dice driven events, how a player decides. This creates an ongoing story that can be engaging.


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