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"Chainmail" was a war game then "RPG Stuff" was tacked on because it was thought to be fun, spawning "D&D".
I think that for solo play 5P has enough RPG elements and as you can split the crew member to be run by players, role playing can be supported. Certainly there would be some handwaving but, no worse than people's "home brew" rules.

 No one played it as RPG? I did. That's split hair No1. Secondly, Dark Reign was a simple mistake by me. Split hair No2. Split hair No3 is to calm it down. If you want to lecture someone, well okay, but even then, you can't expect everyone to agree. In this case, I don't. Sorry. But I don't think it's a big deal. Nor should you.

I like the Rogue Trader and Only War rpgs.  :)


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