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Favorite tactical combat games

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I love Battletech.  Hmmm crunch goodness.
I also like Renegade, Leviatian and Legions.
I will throw some special love for Warhammer 40k but too many people are like, "If your mini is painted and exact you can't use that."  Screw that noise I'm more than happy to use a paint bottle if that is what it takes.

My first tactical love was Panzer Blitz/Leader, but Squad Leader was able to do so much more.  I would love to have a squad leader equivalent for modern stuff but none of them have really fit the fill.
Ogre is cool for it's simplicity and neat concept/setting.
I've played with several historical medieval minis games but can't remember any of their names.
D&D and Star Wars minis are decent simple games - I wish had the time and money to play them.

Probably Warhammer Fantasy Battle and 40k are my favorites.  Not so much because of the rules, but just because of the setting/source material I love the world.  After that Battletech has a special home.  Though my all time favorite and though it's a bit of a stretch to place under 'tactical combat' is Blood Ball I love that mini based game like no others.  I'd play it every day if I could.  

Saddly I haven't really played any tactical games for a few years now, my money is going to other places and the number of people that I'd actually like to play them with have moved away or ran out of time to do so.  

Oh and one other I thought I'd mention the Clix version of Crimson Skies is so much better then the original.

In before D&D 3.5 :p

I've played the D&D minis game.  Play a simplified version with my daughter from time to time.  And we used to have some epic Battletech action going on.

CBT rocks

I can't wait to see what FFG does with the new Mutant Chronicles minis game


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