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The current release is 1.16.3 for Java.


--- Quote from: Greentongue on October 17, 2020, 09:35:32 PM ---The current release is 1.16.3 for Java.

--- End quote ---

Ah, this is 1.12.2. Fairly old-school, but there's nothing the extra versions really add that I want.

The 1.15 version was huge. The villagers completely change how the game can be played.

It's been one week since launch and Dwarves! is going strong.

The Outpost has grown from a few tents to a nice little settlement. A mine has been established, apothecaries have been building their gardens, the smiths have now set up a proper smithy and the first Outpost newspaper - The Servant - has been released. Our first Tribute is due in a week and I am very excited to see what the future brings.

I'm continually working on extras for our Professions and Skills in the background and focused on growing Dwarves! over the coming weeks and months. Join our Discord from the main post, read through the necessary channels to become a Dwarf and get whitelisted!

The first Tribute has gone successfully, with a few minor changes needed. The Dwarves are on the way to advancing their Outpost rank, affording them more permissions, privileges and fame!

The Grol have been killed in sufficient numbers to stop them increasing their hold on the island. This is an ongoing thing, so this could all change in two weeks!

A number of Dwarves have died in the past week, though the Outpost is still going strong. A bank has been made with plans to introduce a currency, a Guild of Smiths has been established allowing metalwork to be created in a much more streamlined fashion. The Public Servant continues to keep the Outpost updated with all the recent news and changes, with its own spin on things.

In general, the server is currently going strong. The Discord is growing tremendously, with new Dwarves joining in every day. We have a solid core of players, but the more the merrier!


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