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The Flora Expansion has now been done and Apothecaries can access all of these plants, by foraging in different biomes and other conditions.

Many new Dwarves have arrived at the Outpost in recent days, and efforts are underway to establish a Guild system.

Christmas is nearly here and the Dwarves! server will be expanding its moderation Team soon, ready for a fresh year of new ideas, new members and lots of new updates!

It's a new year and Dwarves! has expanded its team in order to expand and upgrade our server!

Plenty of upgrades are planned and we will be hosting regular events soon!

Huge storms and heavy rains have battered the island and the surrounding oceans for weeks now. Recently, the swamp has been flooded with boggy water, pushing the local ecosystem into overdrive.

What started as a few Swamphoppers appearing in the Outpost, ended up being a titanic battle against a gigantic Panacea Leech and 3 Bog-King Toads that had gorged themselves on the wildlife.

Kadol Ubbul has stepped down from leadership, allowing Ogrona Frontik to temporarily take leadership. An election will be held shortly to finalise this!


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