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Scandal hits the Outpost!

Veteran writer Ortho Berukahs, lead editor of The Public Servant, makes claims against apothecary Ilzar Goldspit. After these claims are made public, a number of Dwarves rush to defend Ilzar's honour, both in-person and via more publications.

Eventually, over threats and fears for his own life, Ortho has fled back to Bormar. Will the lack of a reputable newsletter now effect the Outpost? Only time will tell.

In other news, expeditions have been led against the Grol in the Red Hills - our valiant Dwarves taking many lives in their encampments.

Join Dwarves! today!

A large, illegal build is uncovered on the very edge of the Outpost border. It has since been taken down, but this was a close call for the Outpost. Such a construction would have meant a hefty increase on their next Tribute.

Voting has begun for potential leaders of the Outpost. A single Leader, with a rank yet to be determined, supported by a Lower Chamber of 3 capable Dwarves. Campaigning is happening all of this week and we shall find out who will be the first ruler of our Outpost soon!

Voting for our first leader ends today, with the winner being announced shortly.

The Outpost is slowly closing in on achieving Rank 2, giving more permissions, privileges and fame!

New Dwarves are constantly arriving at the Outpost, join today!

The first leader of the Outpost has been announced!

Kadol Ubbul, jeweller, has been voted by the population of the Outpost to become its first Leader. He will be supported by the Lower Chamber; comprised of three Dwarves yet to be chosen.

The first major 'expansion' of the Dwarves! world is almost complete!

The Flora update will bring in over 300 types of new plants, fungus, woods, saps and many, many more. Over time, these plants will be added into the Apothecary potion making re-work and also brought over to the Brewery plugin so you can make all sorts of new alcohol!


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