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Author Topic: Dragon Age: Which mods to use?  (Read 2444 times)


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Dragon Age: Which mods to use?
« on: December 06, 2010, 03:01:53 AM »
I recently grabbed a copy of Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition (which includes the expansion and the various paid add-ons).  Since the game has been out for a while, I decided to look at what worthwhile mods might be out there.

I'm interested in hearing anyone's recommendations.  Here is what I found so far on my own; I basically browsed through a bunch of sources and saw if any names kept coming up, or sounded particularly interesting.  Since the Ultimate Edition comes with all of the paid DLC, I don't bother including mods that just replicate DLC content.

(Some forum) What are the best Dragon Age mods?
Stuff mentioned that was mentioned by multiple people
  • respec mod gets mentioned a bunch of times
  • "Skip the Fade" gets recommended by several people

(PC Gamer) 18 essential Dragon Age mods
Stuff mentioned that was also mentioned by another source
  • "Dragon Age Redesigned"
  • "Skip the Fade"
  • "Lock Bash"

Other things that sound interesting
  • Alley of Murders (extra adventure).  Why not?

(Some Website) Must-Have Mods for Dragon Age Origins
Stuff mentioned that was also mentioned by another source
  • Combat Tweaks
  • Advanced Tactics

I'm interested in finding mods that offer new content (e.g. dungeons, dialogue, characters).   Are there any mods in particular y'all would recommend, or advise me to stay away from?


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Dragon Age: Which mods to use?
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2010, 03:52:04 AM »


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Dragon Age: Which mods to use?
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2010, 08:02:00 PM »
Some mods depend on whether you've played the game before, whether you should have them yet.

I'm going to list a bunch, you can find the links here in this Mods blog, just look at the alpha listing (the list is linked).  My Game Mods by Inclemency

Start with the Annoyance Removers listed in that blog, there is a category after the alpha listing, use all of the ones that are links.  The Annoyance removers will make the dog bark less in camp, make Leliana's nug be quiet, get rid of the Fade Shroud, the Rally boom noise, the sparkly auras from different sustained talents.

White Teeth - will take a day to get used to it, but what a wonderful difference
Circles Be Gone - get rid of the yellow and red circles, enemies targeted will still have a red circle for backstab, etc.
Open Locks Spells - For mages, much better than lock bash if a mage
Skip the Fade - Only if you've played the vanilla game at least once.
slink's S3 RavAGE - If you've played a couple of times, and want more challenge, this is for you.  You can add enemy mobs and adjust how difficult they are, as well as additional drops and whether the mobs will use the extra equipment.  Makes the game a challenge.  It's really well done and a must-have, imo.
Two Specialization Sten - Makes him even better
Advanced Quickbar
Bigger Mouse Cursor
Allow Permanant Summons
Clothed Prisoners (If using one of the Natural Bodies mods)
DA Gore Adjustment

Dialog fixes
Morrigan Restoration Patch Dialog Fix - Use manual version to work with the other dialog fixes
Zevran Dialog Fix - manual version
Misc tweaks and fixes
IRS Alistair - Dialog fix and romance package combined.  If you don't romance Alistair no worries, if you do.

Alistair First Night
DahliaLynn's Alistair Epiloges - The Royal Wedding
Rendevous at the Tavern
Anyone Can Marry Alistair
IRS Leliana is a WIP
Cullen is being released today? tomorrow?

Additional Playable area mods

The best of them now was released a couple of weeks ago called:
Dragon Age Dark Times Act I   (will eventually be 5 acts)
It's long, you play with your current party, you get additional characters to play for all of Origins.  Quests, brand new areas, new characters, new storyline that does tie into Origins.  It's fully voiced, as well.  This is now an integral part of my game.
The Carrion Birds - standalone campaign, well done
Castle Cousland - play in Origins, reclaim Highever castle
King Calenhad's Tomb - play in Origins - additional area, fun for a low teens level challenge.
Temple of Vulak - Lol, I gasped in horror at one area in this mod, still haven't been able to complete it.

Now that you have a list to explore, if you want suggestions as to armor and weapons, I can do that too.   Actually , do take a look at Elvhenan Weapons, they are too gorgeous to miss.

All of the mods I list here can be found on that blog, just look it up on the alpha listing and they are linked.

Have fun