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Disco Elysium


Anybody played it? I got it, the melancholy in it really speaks to me while the story and choices.. its a lot to take in. I have to reign my baser impulses in to keep my character on track. Im not gonna rave or hype about the game. I just enjoy it.

So, hopefully some of you have the same feelings. The floor is yours.

Disco Elysium is an odd one. It's not exactly a walking sim, not exactly an RPG, not exactly a puzzle game... but there are aspects of all three. The mechanics (your skills and internal personality arguing with each other at times) is very strange. The setting is definitely different -- honestly, I'd like to see a sequel which fleshes out the world a bit more.

And your character, the protagonist, is a deeply, deeply damaged man. No spoilers here, but suffice to say he should never have been sent out in the first place. Evidently they don't have counselors for police in this setting.

I recommend it, with the codicil that it's not for everyone.

This Guy:
good game and good writing. i like to go back with different skill picks to see how i fail, not how I succeed.

skill system making high skills a threat coz they get oversensitive is pretty solid but could use some tuning, maybe in a sequel if you play a different guy who because of his nature wouldn't rely so much on Authority and Electrochemistry.

I'd call Disco Elysium the only visual novel that actually deserves the name.

Usually, visual novel is used quite derogatory for anime-styled fanfic with teen-tier writing - at least I use it that way.
But with this one, it is an apt description. Like a very visual, but still very well written, novel.

That plus the RPG aspect and the replayability with different builds, of course.


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