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Darrin Kelley:
I preordered this game in September of 2019. While I had the available money. Because I have been a fan of the Cyberpunk RPG and its setting for decades. So a computer game based on it was an instant sale for me.

I need a graphics card upgrade to play the game properly, My current one is just under the minimum specs for the game to run at all. But shockingly enough? The game does run. And I did start a game of it.

Character creation is highly detailed. It is everything that CD Projekt Red promised. Clear down to the fact that your character has genitalia or not.

The character stats are straight from the RPG. You choose them in the beginning. The first character I chose the Corpo lifepath. And it jumps immediately into the intrigue.

So what do I think? It's everything I could have wanted based on the Cyberpunk property

Going to get into the game myself - but only next year.
Way too many games in my backlog before that, and definitely worth it to wait for a few more patches ;)

I definitely think it'll be worth it to get the PS5 version, once there is a proper PS5 version. And once I have a PS5, which is a minimum of one year away.

Until then I am saving up to buy a new PC. Ironically, Cyberpunk is not the kind of game I'm building a PC to play. (I want to play space-builder games like Kerbal and Starship Evo.)

I'm going to wait a little bit and let the launch bugs get sorted before I buy it. I've heard the PC version has some hiccups.

That being said, I do love me some Cyberpunk.

I've watched a couple of gameplay videos, and I'm struck by how the game seems more like an alternate version of the present day than it does the future. I was watching someone driving around in basically a hot hatchback with an 80's-supertech veneer.

Don't get me wrong, it looks fun and is definitely on my to-buy list. This is just a comment on the aesthetics.


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