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I was about to buy Civ IV (I know shocking I don't own it already) but its now cheap at, I thought I'ld check out the trailer

Anyone else seen it?

Can a PC game be too addictive?

I love "Edna N" for Civilisation IV Anonymous comment on spliting the atom.

Unless you can handle the game possibly not working, and the company not giving a fuck, don't get it.

I bought two copies when it first came out so my wife and I could play together.

I have 2 $60 paperweights.

Xavier Lang:
I enjoy the game, but I did have to exchange it twice before I got one with a good disc 2 in it.  Never had any problems exchanging it though.  Its not radically different from any other civ game though.  I enjoy it more than civ III but its not a "new" game.  If you have played any of the others you will quickly be playing at whatever level you played before.  There are important differences you will have to learn, but they only take a game or 2 to pick up.

Best Game Ever! Just be sure to get the latest patch before starting up your first game.

Excellent game. Should Firaxis release Alpha Centauri 2, I'd be willing to give money for a Sid Meier bronze statue.

Has anyone tried the multiplayer mode? How is it?


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