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Okay all you CoV/CoH players let yourselves be known and wht server you play on.

I'm on Champion and my main villains are Forge Master a lvl 39 Bots/Traps Mastermind and Vengence Rising a lvl 21 Fire/Drak Corruptor.

All my characters are on Defiant.

Miss Terri - 24 Magic Controller, Illusion/Storm - Badgewhore - just joined a PvP Supergroup
Radical Burn - 17 Science Defender, Rad/Rad
ElectroStorm - 10 Tech Blaster, Electric/???
Red Brick - 10 Tech Tank Inv/Super Strength - Old Soviet Powersuit hero.

Violet Shroud - 10 Natural Stalker Ninja/Ninja
Metal Mind - 7 Tech Mastermind ???/???
Grim Jim McCraw - Part of a gang of midget Pirates.
and some others I can't remember.

i *was* playing CoH but then i got broke, and now my computer is down.  however, i just got my tax refund... so maybe in a few weeks i might restart my account?  :)


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