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Author Topic: Cap'n Magneto  (Read 563 times)


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Cap'n Magneto
« on: September 18, 2006, 04:56:22 PM »
The current thread on file sharing had me thinking about games that have been abandoned but which are still under copyright. Under that scenario, I said, I have no problem with somebody sharing those games (books, music, whatever). Except, note: sometimes the original author is really still out there and hasn't (completely) abandoned their creation.

Turns out that's the case with Cap'n Magneto. I had a blast playing this game back in, oh, 1985-6 on 128k Macs. I don't know how many of you kids could appreciate this game today, particularly because the graphics aren't even up to par with a Gameboy, but it's a wonderful, goofy, exploration/adventure game where you learn how to play by playing, and its fun.

After learning that the creator of the game has put out a version that's compatible with Mac OS X, I sent him a much-belated $20 shareware fee. (The original version was "nagware" that you would remind you to send the fee until you did; the current version is "crippleware" that won't let you finish the game until you do.)

More info at

Current game publisher's site

Note that although the game is written for the Mac (from 68k to modern Macs running OS X), there's a version designed for the Mac emulator Basilisk II. Also, the original version (which is completely free) is also available through a link on the site and may work with the vMac emulator.