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Darrin Kelley:
Let's start out by addressing the elephant in the room. The fact this game is controversial.

It was always going to be controversial. The whole series has been that way in one way or the other since its inception. With each volume having new controversies as they were released. And that doesn't even touch on the gameplay elements. Bayonetta has always been a property where the developers thought outside of the box and delivered an experience suiting that description. Half the fun was waiting for whatever resulted from a new volume.

And that is where Bayonetta 3 doesn't disappoint. It's the same character, but also is a completely new experience. It builds upon what the previous games brought to the table. And more than delivers the show. It ultimately brings in a fun game.

This series has been a joy for me. It was the whole original reason I bought a Nintendo Switch. In fact, I bought the Bayonetta 2 package (That also came with a download code for the first Bayonetta game) a month before I got my Switch. I was that committed to it. And the joy the series has brought me made the price I paid come back to me in far more pure fun than a lot of other things I have bought over the last few years. So definitely price well paid.

I'm not going to do a step-by-step, element-by-element review of the whole game. That's something plenty of people on Youtube have done already. I'm just speaking from my own enjoyment of the series. Which really has never disappointed me. I feel I got my money's worth and more.


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