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Author Topic: AT-43  (Read 2864 times)

Captain Rufus

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« Reply #15 on: December 29, 2009, 09:32:38 pm »
Here are some more of my AT 43 comics.  
This one was from a big game ended as one player conceded because I am just too good.  (Ok, not really I generally suck at wargames.  I am sort of what Chess players would call a "Wood Pusher".  I know the rules and am marginally competent, but in a tourney situation I am merely a speedbump most of the time.  I just don't have that killer army build instinct.  I consider a closely fought brutal game far better than a slaughtering victory.  Its why Magic is only a casual game to me.  The thought of the ideal decks where you win by turn 3-5 and the other player ideally shouldn't be able to do much of anything to you seems utter SHITE to me.)

You can note I had yet to finish flocking up my Red Blok too.  

And here is my very first AT 43 comic, played on my then far more emptied media desk.  (Its a cornered thing, with the long L having my HDTV, PS3, controllers, and various DVDs and games I am actively playing.  The short part of the L has my iMac, painting supplies and such on it.  The bend has the main part of my 5.1 speakers and various robot toys and models.)

I think most gamers learning a new game should try to set up a small battle, learning the basic game rules, and play out a small game to see if they get the rules.  Its really a great way to do so, without some other player being down on you for not knowing the rules, or wasting live game time looking up stuff.  Plus you look more in the know if its a game you are gonna demo and teach others.  Then doing a battle report lets you mull over what you have learned, and sharing it not only promotes the game, but gives existing players a chance to spot your mistakes.

I really want to do more of these, but getting everyone together to play is a massive pain, made worse by my local group being more likely to cancel than to actually SHOW UP on a consistent schedule.

One player is dealing with finding a job and just generally flaky about showing up anyhow, and the other has such bad asthma he tends to get ambulanced to the ER a couple times a year.  (I keep telling him to get a real doctor and stop dealing with walk in clinics.  Eventually he might take the advice I hope.  If you say you feel like you were close to dying a couple times in the last few years you MAY want to get that shit properly checked the fuck out, and perhaps even a second if not third opinion.  Just a thought.)