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Anyone play Ark with interest in a private server?


  I played this game way back when it was early release and went through a few expansions and always ended up leaving because the game has a certain percentage that are as toxic as sulfuric acid.   I was wondering how many people here have played this and might have some interest in playing with non asshats on a private server.  Rates up enough so to be less grindy and still PvP but with some gentlemanly parameters/role playing basis for same would be ideal for me. 

Unfortunately this game is full of bugs, it's unplayable.

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--- Quote from: damiendada on May 18, 2021, 10:02:18 AM ---Unfortunately this game is full of bugs, it's unplayable.

--- End quote ---
I would agree with that being true in the past, but not so certain that has been my experience the past couple of months (did not play it for a year and a half).  Can you be more specific?


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