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Anyone Else Getting CC3?

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I pretty much stopped using CC3 when Dundjinni came out, but there are some things about Dundjinni that annoy me to the point of wanting to gnaw my own left arm off. For instance, your graph overlay isn't scalable. Your maps are either minis scale (each square = 1 inch) or map scale (4 squares per inch, I believe). That means you can't make the ginormous ubermap that you can with CC2, or just zoom out a little bit.

CC2, on the other hand, just doesn't look professional. That's why I gave it up when Dundjinni came out. You couldn't do transparencies, fades, and a whole host of other effects. Hell, my map of Galovinius ( required me to start with CC2 and then do a shitload of work in Photoshop. Even when I was done with that, I still wouldn't call it perfect, but it's getting there.

The examples I've seen of CC3 look excellent by comparison. It supports a number of effects and textured, has symbols, and allows you to zoom in or out. What's more is that it will load it's symbol library into Dundjinni if you happen to have it installed.

What's more is that like CC2, it appears that all the art is free for publishers to use. Unlike CC2, it looks like the art output is of high enough quality that the maps are usable in a professional product.

I think I'm going to buy this tomorrow when they release it.

More info can be found on their website at

Uh....your links not working.

I would get it if I had the money.  I still need to reinstall CC@ and get to know it better.


--- Quote from: Knightcrawler ---Uh....your links not working.
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That's because I'm a .com, not a .org. Is fixed now. :cool:

I've been very seriously considering purchasing CC3. I'm fairly decent when it comes to CC2, so the addded functionality of CC3 would probably be a big help.

I'll definetly be considering itvery seriously when it comes to my local game store.


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