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Author Topic: [Volunteers] Looking for people with Photoshop skills  (Read 1243 times)


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[Volunteers] Looking for people with Photoshop skills
« on: April 28, 2017, 10:21:51 AM »
I'm a developer on the Medieval 2: Total War mod Europa Barbarorum II, and while work continues on expanding and improving the mod, but we're struggling with a shortage of resource in one particular area: skinners for units.

That's the people who make the textures which overlay the unit models and give the wonderful final look of a unit. Without new skinners, unit production will slow right down, and we'll have 3D modellers unable to make any meaningful progress by themselves.

What we're looking for is someone with a good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, who (ideally) has some experience/understanding in painting textures for 3D models, as well as their associated normal maps. If that person also knew how to use Autodesk's 3DS Max to move around the UVs that would be great, but it's not necessary, we can provide ready-to-paint UV maps for our units. They would need to be able to adapt to and emulate the artistic style of the assets already in our mod, otherwise they wouldn't fit in with what we have, so it isn't total artistic freedom.

If that sounds like you, or someone you know, and you'd be interested in helping out, please get in touch. That could be on a temporary/commission basis (eg "I'll do 5 units") or for a longer-term arrangement if you want to join the team. Please apply here, with any examples you have of your work.

I'm afraid this isn't a paid gig, all of us in the EBII team are volunteers who do this for the love of history and of modding. But at the very least, you'll have tangible stuff to put in a portfolio, if you need evidence of your work. And it's fun. :)

Also note, we are a multi-lingual team; if your primary language is any one of French, Italian, German, Polish, Slovenian, Russian, Spanish, Greek, Swedish, Arabic, Romanian or Croatian, and you prefer to converse in your native tongue, we can accommodate.
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[Volunteers] Looking for people with Photoshop skills
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2017, 02:06:05 PM »
I've worked with 3d animation before and painted loads of skins in Photoshop. For 3DS Max and then Maya.
But it's been a few years since I've done any, so I'm rusty... but if I could be of use I'd like to give it a go. Might take a moment to get back up to speed, though.