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J.L. Duncan:
Submissions Open is a side project (on my blog), which I've decided to post and share here with theRPGsite. A list of RPG publishers who actively pay for RPG content. It's focus is writing, but I'll likely include submission info for illustrators as well, if it is available.

This is not a thread for discussing publishers. Please, do not post comments. If you know of a publisher who is actively interested and paying for RPG content and they are not on the list, please send me a PM (preferably, with the title of the publication and a link). This is so I can manage this list effectively; or say for instance the publisher is paying for content with limited window I'd recommend you post it as its own thread. For the most part these publishers will be seeking content year around, but if closed part of the time I'd prefer to be able to update that without involving a Mod.

Note: Publishers are not listed in any particular order and most of the information is copy and pasted from my blog. Each publisher will be separated by post. And yes, I just started this, so it will take me sometime to get caught up (hopefully it will be finished by the end of the weekend). If your here early and want the info now, click on my blog link in my sig, when you arrive at me blog on the left panel are tags; click the submissions open tag and all of the relevant info is listed. Or on second thought, (lol) just put it in your search engine... Easy. I will be adding these over the weekend, should be done by then.

Submissions Open List:
Fate Codex
EN World Publishing
Raging Swan Press
The Rifter
Knights of the Dinner Table
The Codex

J.L. Duncan:
Company: Steve Jackson Games
Schedule: Monthly (12 issues a year)
Writer's Guidelines: Link
Pay Rate: 4 cents/word

Notes: Writers interested in submitting content for Pyramid should be fluent with GURPS (system) & What You See Is What You Get, (WYSIWYG) document format; more info can be found with the Writers Guideline (above) link. The process is to follow their guidelines for a query, send said query, and wait. Pyramid publishes a varety of content and maintains an active list of that content via a Wishlist.

Current Status: OPEN

J.L. Duncan:
Fate Codex (Link to Patreon)
Company: Magpie Games
Schedule: Monthly (12-ish, issues a year)
Writer/Submission Guidelines: Link
Pay Rate: 5 cents/word

Note: Knowledge of Fate required. Also lists short fiction, and pays for playtesting new systems.

Current Status: OPEN

J.L. Duncan:
EN World Publishing
Trailseeker (Pathfinder), EN5ider (D&D 5E), EONS Magazine (WOIN/Sci-fi) & The Community Content Program: (RPG News & Reviews).
Company: EN World
Schedule: Varies per publication
Writer/Submission Guidelines:
General Guidelines
Community Content Link
All others
Pay Rate: Community Content Program: 4 cents/word; all others: 3 cents/word.

Current Status: OPEN

J.L. Duncan:
Raging Swan Press (link to Patreon)
Third Party Publisher of Pathfinder & system neutral content.
Company: Raging Swan Press (main page)
Schedule: Varies per call.
Writers Guidelines: Here
Pay Rate: 11 cents/word

Current Status: CLOSED[/B]


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