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Special Offer From Artist JEShields


Jamfke: and your pledge JUST GOT BETTER.

Beginning next month, your pledge will earn you CREDIT that you can spend on even MORE of my stock art. Be sure to check your pledge level to see just how much more value you get.

ALSO, February 11 marks this project's SIXTH year anniversary. Has it really been that long? To celebrate, I am giving away FOUR more illustrations for anyone who joins or is a current patron in February.


Please explain how the Patreon works for JEshields, as well as the credit option.

I'm not certain on the mechanics of the credit aspect. Mr Shields produces several pieces of work to his Patrons depending upon your tier of support. I'm currently at the $10 level and am privy to several excellent pieces of work each month.

He usually puts up a suggestion post for the patrons to list ideas for him to work with. Some things get made and some don't, but what he does create is very useful. He did a Twelve Days of Christmas theme in December and produced well over a dozen illustrations based on suggestions from myself and his other patrons. He's a really good artist, and very easy to chat with.


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