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Author Topic: {Rev-Share} Tactics RPG needing Game Designers and others for Beta (currently in dev)  (Read 3682 times)


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Project Name: Condors Vs. Ocelots
Team Size: 15
Genre: Strategy RPG - Tactics RPG
Engine: Unity
Roles Available:
UI Artist
Pixel Artist
If you feel as if you can offer the team something more that isn’t listed, we are always open to making an exception, just send your resume/portfolio to us!
Project Length: Currently planning on Early Access release August 2020
Compensation: Rev-share
Project Status: Kickstarter was successful now ramping up to go into Early Access!
Download demo here and learn more!
Our website here:
Send emails to
Must speak English and have access to a Mic.
Must be able to work alternating weekend days.
Official Discord:
Our store page can be found here,

Project Story: Condors and Ocelots have been at war for generations. Battles have left some settlements in ruins. Others teem with refugees. Even away from the fighting, towns and villages suffer from having their fighting-age citizens lured away or conscripted by one faction or the other. Players control their armies and try to wipe out their opponents! Use terrain, abilities and pure cowardice if need be to achieve victory for your faction!
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