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J.L. Duncan:
About Reviews:

PDF & POD RPG Products:

If you're an indie publisher who produces print on demand (POD) or portable document format (PDF) products and your interested in having your RPG or game product reviewed for Knights of the Dinner Table (KoDT: the greatest RPG magazine ever!), with the column Indy Game Scene...

You can contact me at mr1jeff2Duncan3 (at) gmail (dot) com; my email is this without the numbers... Or shoot me a PM.

A review for Indy Game Scene works as follows: We correspond. I receive a complementary PDF download from you by email. I read your product, maybe play it or incorporate it in my game(s), write the review and send it in to KoDT. I do not decide when the review publishes. I cannot guarantee the review will publish. That is not my decision. All the reviews I've written for KoDT have published, but who knows (welcome to being a freelancer 101). If it should happen that a rock falls and everyone dies. You're out of luck, but time permitting I may (as in might) still produce the review and post it here and/or on my blog.

If you're in doubt, click here (link to my blog) to see how many reviews I've produced. When/if your review appears in KoDT, I will post the review a year later on my super-awesome blog. While I'm reviewing your game I will also feature it at the top left corner of mylog's main page and include a link to your product page on drivethrurpg or RPGnow.

Physical Game Product Reviews:

I would be happy to review physical products from any publisher big or small. As long as it is game related, including RPGs, card games & tabletop, including miniatures, maps/tiles etc..

A review of physical product(s) works as follows: Use the same process as above, I will communicate the address, and at your cost you'll send me the game. If the product is of the card game/table top variety I will play it, before I produce the review. If the product is of the RPG variety I will certainly give it a thorough read, but as I'm likely playing other games, I will only introduce it if it fits with what's going on in my current campaigns. While I'm reviewing your game I will also feature it at the top left corner of this blog's main page and include a link to a source in which it can be purchased.

Finished, I will post the review on this site, and my blog share it in the relevant G+ communities as well as any relevant forums, of which I'm a member. I also send an advanced copy of the review to the publisher.

My Take On Reviews:

In general, and in regards to any product, I do not guarantee a positive review. That is not the purpose of a review. I will not be lecturing on that today. I do not however, (worst case) go out of my way to bash your game without cause, or blow up the problems of any product, without reason. I review products (as much as feasible) in a bubble; but the bubble I use consists of the following...

Review criteria/questions: How is it used/played? Is it consistent/inconsistent to itself? Are the mechanics clear? Grammar/spelling/organization? Art/presentation?

J.L. Duncan:
Post updated.

Couple of things. At this time (3/12/17) reviews or interest in gathering reviews for PDF/POD products is currently closed. I'm good in that regard through the end of the summer. You can always shoot me a PM however and make me aware of what you would like reviewed.

Reviews for physical products is wide open.

Durn it...joined this site too late.


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