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Night Owl Workshop publishes a number of OSR games and we need adventures!

In particular we need adventures for:
Raiders: a pulp adventure, classic find the McGuffin on a wild chase set in an early 20th century backdrop.
Freebooters: a pirate adventure in the Caribbean. (historical. no magic)
Colonial Troopers: bug infested outpost or derelict ship where the space marines are called in to clean up
Guardians: classic super heroes
Warriors of the Red Planet: sword & planet adventures on other worlds. Weird science and beautiful aliens.

We also have a number of as yet unannounced titles that could use adventures for their launch.

Pay is decent and guaranteed. We've never stiffed a writer and always pay on time.

If any of these interest you shoot an email to

We still need another writer. We have a particular need to do some adaptations of classic novels into OSR adventures if that would be of interest to you. Just send an email to

the crypt keeper:
Jay Murphy here of the Vanishing Tower Press. Novel adaptation into an adventure model sounds right up my alley. I've produced an OSR module which received a great review at Bryce Lynch's !0' pole. My latest release is The Black Book of Sorcery for my USR Sword & Sorcery game and is a good introduction to my sick, grotty imagination.

I am currently, in my spare time, hahaha, adapting a past campaign, Clockwork & Chivalry into a series of pulp novels, so going in the opposite of this project.

To your continued success,



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