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Looking to hire someone to work on OSR rules for a science fantasy mecha setting.


For the last several years I have been working on a roleplay setting that attempts to fuse  Japanese Super-robot anime with Western Sci-fi, and a heavy dose of Abrahamic mysticism. The players take the role of mage-knights who pilot gigantic mecha powered by angels and demons. Unfortunately I am absolutely garbage when it comes to the numerical side of gaming, thus creating my own system has been out of the question.

So it is that I am looking to hire someone who can handle the mechanical work for the game. Anyone who is familiar with OSR/OGL gaming systems would be welcome though I am open to other suggestions if you have them. The game would need to support tactical combat between small squads of PCs either on foot or in mecha and opposing groups of monsters , enemy soldiers etc using futuristic weaponry, spells and magical abilities. While I am not exactly wealthy I do respect the time and effort put into a project like this so if you are interested PM me and I can further elaborate on the setting, answer questions and discuss price.  

Some art from the setting




Very cool images!

Open a design thread and show the mechanics you have done and what you are having trouble with.

Also, you might want to pick up a copy of Star Siege. It is a toolkit for using Castle & Crusades (an OSR game) to do science fiction.

You probably also should get Stars Without Number by Sine Nomine.

Both games would be good design brain fodder.

Thanks! I'm glad you like them. I had originally planned to pitch it as a savage worlds setting so all my existing mechanics are for that system. However recently I began having second thoughts, and after consulting wiser heads than my own I took it on advice that it might be a better idea to go down the OSR route. I have had very little experience with OSR before but the idea of not having to go through a secondary company for approval or have my product pulled for whatever arbitrary reason is very inviting. Your recommendations are most appreciated and I'll certainly give them a read.

I would honestly look at Godbound.  The power level between people on the ground and mechs should be made clear.  In fact I highly suggest two character sheets.  One for the pilot and the other for the mech.

Why not do a Savage Worlds and an OSR version? Grab both sets of system fans with the one setting.


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