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Looking for an artist to draw monsters and creatures.


I am looking for an artist to draw monsters and creatures for my Book of Encounters for my fantasy rpg:
Raven of the Scythe.

I dont need super intense full color works of art, simple but good line drawings would be fine.  I also, dont need images for every single creature, just enough to establish some sort of tone show off a few of the creatures.

There is a link to my game in my signature if you want to see what I am talking about.

If you are interested, message me or send me an email.


I'm a crap artist, but I did download your RPG and having a read.
It appeals to me and I'll try and get some people from a gaming club I admin to give it a go with me running it.
It looks very easy to run.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Mutant Lord:
Hello James,
Are you still looking for an ink or cover artist?
 I do a ton of work for Goodman Games and have been so busy with that, that haven't had a chance to update my illustration site. That and I am the author and illustrator for my own RPG, The Mutant Epoch. But, there is a lull in work for Goodman Games right now so I'm interested in taking on a few new clients. You can check out my freelance work here: I have a rate sheet I can email you, too, if you're curious.

Have a great day,


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