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"La Historia De" A new Virtual Tabletop to play RPG online


Hi. Im Kirby26. Im a indie devoloper who love rpg tabletop games.

I am creating a game to play online any tabletop rpg game. If you create a new one, of you play forum role, this is for you too! its completly personalizable.

His name is "La Historia De"


It is a fully customizable, online and multiplatform virtual tabletop.

In it you can use your characters, maps, music, atmospheres, lights, all your content.

Chat systems with text boxes like if you are in a video game.

Easy and quick to use for the game master.  You dont need to stay hours working on preparing your sesion.


These are images of the prealpha state of the game.

Here is a test of a tutorial. Work in progres.

I made a kickstarter. But im an indie developer, so i need help sharing the word. I hope you like my game. And I'll be glad if you help me make it known by sharing it New ideas will be grateful.

Thanks for let me show to you my game!

The little tutorial is really great, thanks !

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