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InDesign Designer/Layout needed!


Hello there!

I finished an RPG supplement kickstarter a few months ago (see here: from beyond#). I thought I'd completed editing/formatting the document, but unfortunately I've recently found out that I may need to reformat/re-edit it in InDesign. However I'm having trouble learning how to use it. I don't want to keep my backers waiting, so I'm looking to hire someone to translate the formatting/layout that I've set up in word (circa 190 pages, A4) into InDesign.

If you're available soon and can give me a hand, please drop me a message.

If you are going through Drivethru, not sure it necessarily needs to be In-Design. What program did you use?

If you know what you are looking for in terms of art, design, etc. I can do it. Though I changed careers about 4 years ago, I spent 25+ years as a graphics designer and prepress tech.

Thanks for your responses. I've got someone else working on the project now, so I don't need other help.

Wrt the programme needed for DTRPG, you don't have to use InDesign. However I initially designed the document in word, and apparently that tends to result in a bunch of "artefacts" in the PDF generated that create problems in DTRPGs printing process. Basically they've advised me to re-edit it in Indesign


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