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Greetings and salutations dear readers.

I been informed that this would be the best place to post the following, if not. I am sorry.

In recent few months I am attempting to develop my own 3D print, and modelling services. Including: 3D printing, 3d modelling - commission and selling our own designs. I had some success and finally I have decided to leave my shell and post some images and examples of my work to the war-gaming and RPG audience.

These are early days, moreover I am bad, very bad at all this social media businesses.
I am planing to specialize in large and medium vehicles and various monster, with additional aspiration of world building and table top game design.

Here is  a link for painted and with some size reference version
A bust for sale 45£  + shipment 10cm Material PLA

Available painted and also can be modified for clients preference.I do take commissions for similar prints as well.
more examples will be shown soon.

It looks even better painted, as you can't see the layering.

I think that more examples would drive more interest, as people can see what can be done. Different sizes would be good as well, as I can see a 10cm figure not fitting in with 25mm miniatures, unless it's a giant.

Also, an idea of how long it would take to produce a custom figure would be useful.

But, good stuff. It amazes me what can be done nowadays.

Affirmative, we have more examples. However we didn't wanted to just throw here entire flood of content at day one on this forum.

we have more examples on our

More examples shall arrive soon.

DINO BOOBIES!!! Post more pics!

When is your inevitable Kickstarter?

BTW, your Assult Ray (Assault?) looks like a cool creature for Palladium's Splicer RPG. You might want to post a pic over other that subforum.

Heh I don't relay need a kickstarter!

All I need is just few sales or commissions. I got some basic gear, suited for a job and I am clear to go without any loud campaigns.

here is the print of the mentioned Assault ray I am aiming at it's price about £10 for one. Just need to get rid of that nasty seam in a middle and pose it slightly..


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