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Flesh Forge opens up

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An order for commissioner. Almost done. Some clean up and accessories left to do. Model held by blue tack.[ATTACH=CONFIG]3155[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]3156[/ATTACH]

And done [ATTACH=CONFIG]3186[/ATTACH] took a while longer than expected but here it is.

Just anted to remind that we are opened up for commissions if anyone is interesting, 3D model or print.

Hello Hello all.

We went rather quiet for some time, but we were hard at work! In next few days we will be posting some new images, both renders and full on 3d prints.
Commissions are opened once again. We are looking to upgrade out manufacture with some new machines.

A physical version of a ritual grounds. A simple and primitive sacrificial site of some cultists or a tribal society. Suitable for heroic table top and RPG games.
Available for 25£ For unpainted

Can be painted by arrangement.



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