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218 Games! is making an open call for writers to create Box adventures that will be sold on Drive Thru RPG as both PDF and Soft Cover releases.  

Now, for what we want:
1)  Know the setting.  Salem World is 1705 and beyond alternate History.  Using real history is great, but don't limit yourself to historical fact only.
2)  Know the Classes.  If you don't know the difference between a Monk and Black Monk, Werewolf and Skinwalker, even one Loyalty to another; please take time to read up on them.
3)  Know the Game.  Read the source material, and stick with it.  We are not looking for house rules or new settings (yet).

If you need a basic copy of the game, here it is for free:  Limited uses on this download.

What we are not looking for:
4)  Not political.  Politics are wonderful, and have a great place in life.  Use of a Box Adventure for a political stand is not what we want to see. IF it can be used for good role-play (which is VERY hard to do) we will  consider looking past this rule.
5)  Not copied.  Reimagined, updates, "borrowed" content, plagiarism of any kind, etc. will all be rejected.
6)  Short and to the point.  We need the adventures to allow freedom in a Regent to use.  This is not the time for fan fiction, or novel writing.  MAXIMUM page count should be 20 (this includes all NPC's, maps, handouts, etc.)  All scenes should have a description, NPCs, Monsters (if any), and any special items.  They should also flow together giving the players a path, not a fixed tunnel.  
7)  New Monsters / Classes.  This should work with the Salem World Game and the content within.  If the Regent has purchased a Screen (coming soon) that information needs to remain relevant.  side note: IF you want to add something to the game with the adventure, ask us first to see if that is already in the works

Reasons we may say no:
1)  Writing is not done well.  Spelling errors, bad grammar, not in the proper format or style, etc.
2)  We have that idea already.  If you submit an adventure we have planned (or close enough to what we have)  we will tell you directly before you submit your completed material.
3)  You didn't follow the above rules.  Some leeway will be given, but don't expect much.  Unless the material is exceptional outside the rule break it will most likely receive a pass.
4)  Not interested.  We just are not wanting to go in that direction with the setting.  Nothing personal.  
5)  Other stuff.  There are always little things that crop up that we will turn you down for.  

Legal stuff:  We reserve the right to not work with anyone, at any time, for any reason.  This is not a guarantee of a Job or Offer of a job.  This is not the guarantee of payment for work or a promise / offer of work.  You will be responsible for all taxes owed to your state, local, federal government; and 218 Games! is not responsible for informing you of said taxes, or giving you tax advice.  We reserve the right to change our guidelines at anytime without notice, so it is your responsibility to do research and see if any guidelines have changed.  Submitting does not mean acceptance.  You must also agree to all terms and conditions herein, as well as terms and conditions that will be given with any offer.  Must be 18 years of age or Older to be selected.

To submit a work
-Send us an email
-Subject line should read "Adventure submission"
-DO NOT send us your personal information (age, race, sex etc.) as this has no boundary on your work being chosen.
-Give us the first and middle Initial, with full last name.  (example:  J.Q. Public)
-In two sentences OR LESS, summarize the story that will come from the adventure.  (example - the Matrix: A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers.)
-Give us a two paragraph or less synopsis of the plot and intended outcome.
-Do not send attachments, full complete works, or pictures.  We only want the above items.
-Failure to follow these guides will result in automatic rejection.
-We are not able to respond to every entry personally.  If you do not hear from us in 60 days, you can send us an email with the subject line, "(story name) update".  We will try to respond to these as soon as possible.  If you do not hear from us in over 60 days, you can assume your work was rejected.

-if you are accepted, you will receive instructions on how to continue.
-Most offers (not all) of writing will be a royalty based system.  This can also be modified if the work sells well.  
-All submitted material becomes the property of 218 Games! and the ownership thereof.  If you are rejected and wish to have your rights restored, we must receive a request from you in writing within 30 days of rejection or 90 days after submission.  This is why we Strongly Suggest you Only send us what we ask for, nothing more.

WTF is a "Box Adventure"?

A fully playable adventure, like the old school Modules.  If someone submits one, we will add a quick character gen section with simplified rules to make it a, "playable out of the box" kit.  No book needed to quick start with someone unfamiliar with the game.


First, I applaud the thoroughness of your post. You cover a lot of ground and that is fantastic.

Second, After perusing your game descriptions, I'm curious why more of your energy has gone into this submission guidelines post vs. your game listing?

Third, you seriously need to revisit Salem World's listing. It needs more beef. Maybe a link to that text on your site? Maybe a free download of the system parts that call out why your system is cool / different / appropriate?

Fourth, you're too new to have a submission process like this. I would suggest calling out for potential authors, sending them a free copy of your game and perhaps a primer on how to design things in your system. It's one thing to find authors for say D&D 5e (where a bunch of people play it already) and a whole other to expect authors to buy your obscure new game.

Fifth, you should look to form some groups about the planet with "free 7 books + stickers" and then illicit reviews. You should offer this deal to potential authors who you would want to actually play the game AND play the adventure they are writing for you. This is called play-testing and all the good publishers do it. Or at least try. You have to try.

Your spirit is awesome and I applaud you dipping your toes in the world of publishing!! A little spit and polish, some more marketing, and an actual market (which you CAN build with some hutzpah and free stuff) and you'll be off to the races.

Good Luck!!

Made some needed changes to the Salem World Title listing.


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