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Anyone know anyone from Silent Death or MechWarrior?

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Looking to make contact with someone from either of those games.  Or any one at fantasy flight.

Figured this wasn't a bad place to start.

David Johansen:
Black Widow Pilot on The Miniatures Page is the lead developer at Metal Express who currently hold the Silent Death rights.  Last I saw the website was down.  I've always been a little gunshy with Mx as I'm pretty sure ICE's ex-CEO who never paid anyone or anything is behind it.

One of the Silent Death designers was an early customers for my first published RPG way back. But around 1999 or so vanished from conventions. Havent heard from since. Looks like he went on to work on Shadowrun Duels and Mage Knight.

Huh. I was pretty curious about the Silent Death thing, since I've got one of hte books and tried to get a pdf from the Metal Express website about five years back... and after days of wrangling Paypal (since I refuse to answer personal questions to a fucking middleman.... like, weirdly personal... like, Can I come over for dinner levels of personal...) I finally paid for it, only to get a reciept from some carribean island, and no PDF....

Now its looking strange, like some shady group of hitmen have been quietly removing everyone involved... time to call Mulder and Scully!

Sounds like a false front scam.


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