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Win RPG Books with the ENWorld Treasure Hunt!



Take our Treasure Hunt competition and win 2 RPG books plus an Enworld Community Supporter Account!

ENWorld and Old Kingdom Games have teamed up to celebrate the upcoming launch of Bronze Gods - the second d20 System setting book in OKG's Campaign Gems series. Just how are we celebrating this?

By giving away freebies in a fun little treasure hunt exclusive to ENWorld, thats how!

Three lucky winners of our treasure hunt will each receive a copy of Bronze Gods on the day of release! As well as this, you'll also receive a free copy of the first Campaign Gem: The Nightmare War. As well as these great prizes each winner will also receive a 1 year ENWorld Community Supporter Account or, if you already have one, a 1 year extension to your existing account!

Click here to learn more and enter

Zachary The First:
Very cool contest--thanks for the heads up!


--- Quote from: Zachary The First ---Very cool contest--thanks for the heads up!
--- End quote ---

You're welcome Zachary :D


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