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Vigilant RPG: Open Playtest


Hello all! I am a solo TTRPG developer in the very late stages of internal development and I'm looking for anyone interested in playtesting my fantasy rpg: Vigilant! It's a moderately-crunchy system that emphasizes player agency and meaningful choices in both combat and character building. It's a bit of a blend between Pathfinder / 3.5 and OSR-style games, with the mechanical depth of Pathfinder but the lethality and more open-ended progression of OSR - except you have meaningful opportunities to do stuff in combat outside of your turn. If you like spicy character builds and tactically deep combat without the bloat of hit locations and overlapping resolution systems, then this system was practically built for you.

Development-wise I'm currently just tidying up some sections and doing some small numbers adjustments. Mechanically, things will stay largely the same but the book may get a little prettier prior to an actual release. I've done a bunch of internal playtesting, and am looking to get some thoughts from people who won't pull their punches because they like me haha.

It can be played setting-agnostic but otherwise is set within a planar system in a state of rebuilding after grand civilizations and powerful divine pantheons grew complacent in their power and were struck down in hubris by an ascendant god. Mortal civilizations are rebuilding in the shadow of ruins and adventurers strike out into the unknown to uncover lost relics and secrets. Fledgling divines rise to lay claim to powers and kingdoms beyond their understanding, while those still remaining of the elder pantheon jealously guard their power, apathetic to the great doom lurking at the edge of the planes.

Anyway, the rules are HERE | Character Sheet

and if you're interested in playtesting hop in our (very new) Discord server

I am planning on running a couple one-shots over the weekend and on most weeknights (possibly tonight too if there's interest). I am on west coast time so my 'night' may be very late for some, but I am happy to run sessions pretty much whenever on a weekend provided there's interest. Considering the rules are a little dense, first-time sessions will include character building and a brief intro to the rules, so please don't feel obligated to read the whole book.


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