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Vice Squad: Miami Nights is NOW AVAILABLE

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Welcome back to the 80s!

Vice Squad: Miami Nights puts you in the role of cop or criminal on the crime-ridden streets of 1980s Miami. Vice Squad: Miami Nights is the successor to Vice Squad: 80s Police Adventures, and includes rules for playing police officers, criminals, and other types of characters, new gimmicks and clich├ęs, a breakdown of crime and punishment, tips and optional rules for heroic, 80s-style adventures, an overview of Greater Miami, dozens of plot hooks and story ideas, a sample scenario, character templates, and a 1980s primer and 100-question quiz to get you back in the mood.

Vice Squad: Miami Nights focuses on the “mythical” Miami of popular 1980s movies, videogames, and television shows. Think palm trees, pastel colors, pink flamingos, neon lights, hit music, bongo drums, bikinis, designer clothes, speedboats, drug deals, flamboyant cocaine cowboys, ruthless drug czars, and the honest cops who oppose them. This is the heart of Vice Squad: Miami Nights.  

Cue up your Jan Hammer soundtrack and follow this link to return to the 80s:

Also available at

Congrats, Peter! I'll have to score me one o' them! :D



--- Quote from: flyingmice ---Congrats, Peter! I'll have to score me one o' them! :D

--- End quote ---

Great!  Let me know what you think.  I think it's pretty rad.  


Dr Rotwang!:
Tomorrow night I'll order 2 products.

The Classic Traveller CD-ROM is the other one.

You mean Pete didn't write it on order from you, Doc? :D



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