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I've previously used this thread but I haven't been able to get the thread title changed and so decided to start a new thread instead.

Regardless, heres the first post of the new year.

New Year, Same Goals

Welcome to 2016 folks!

In the first post of the year goals are discussed, though the overriding one is getting Frozen Skies done and out. Also some non-Frozen Skies projects are talked about as well.

Setting Idea: Deepwatch

Right, little bit of a new mini-series.

Last week mentioned about a few setting ideas I had plans to work on after Frozen Skies, the 'Deepwatch' one proved to be the most popular one and so it gets showcased first. So here is a general overview, listing inspiration and some ideas I have about it.

Setting Idea: Weird Wars; Home Front

The second in a series of setting ideas on the 'Would Like To Do Someday' list.

Admittedly this one has changed a bit from the initial idea, though the core aspect of a British supernatural horror setting remains. Regardless it'll follow the same format as last week's post.

Setting Idea: Forsaken

Third instalment of the 'Settings That I'd Love To Do...Some Day' series.

This one is bit of a break from the mostly Dieselpunk-ish theme that Utherwald has gone with thus far, namely delving more into Fantasy. At the same time I intend it to have elements of horror and be set set in a semi-ruined city, though at the same time it has to stand out somehow. Perhaps a sort of Clockpunk setting?

Regardless, heres my initial thoughts on it in the same format as the others.

Setting Idea: Scavengers

The fourth and quite probably the last entry, at least for the time being, in the "Stuff I'd Like To Do...Someday" series.

There probably will be a recap post of the various setting ideas next week before the focus returns back to Frozen Skies and the world of Darmonica. This week we take a look at an idea for a SciFi setting, a big departure from the various setting ideas but at the same time not all that different.


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