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Updates from WotC this week


We apologize for the delay in news this week. we have many updates at Wizards of the coast since monday.

Dungeons & Dragons:
[*] Designing your own Vestige: Part One.
[*] Elite Opponents: Variant Medusas.
[*] Official FAQ update.
[*] Online Tools Archive.
[*] Realmslore: The Lost ship, Part One.
[*] Forgotten Realms: The Border Kingdoms.
[*] Map-A-Week: Cavern Barracks

D&D Minis
[*] The Orc Wardrummer: Dominence for Chaotic Evil?
[*] Reclamation: Variants Part 2
[*] Internal Wardrums Release Event Battle of the Titans[/list]

Star Wars:
[*] Jedi Counseling 85


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