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TRIUMPHANT! revised out now


Simon W:
The superhero rpg space is a crowded market, so it takes some ingenious design to come up with something that works to genre, maintains simplicity in play but gives players enough room for narrative where they just want to enjoy the moment. Triumphant! did that - the author used his experience from developing the fabulous Supers! rpg (still available from Hazard Studios) to come up with something he believes is even better. A Spanish language version followed. Now, years later, Triumphant! has been revised and improved. It still has the same basic system but better explanations, more examples and some major tweaks where needed. The Sovereign City setting has been removed so what you have here is the basic rulebook to use in any setting you choose. However, Triumphant! works great with its own setting, so the first supplement will be the Sovereign City Setting Guide. Look out for it shortly!

Simon W:
Now available in POD


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