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Author Topic: Transdimensional Adventures RPG now available  (Read 75 times)

Bloody Stupid Johnson

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Transdimensional Adventures RPG now available
« on: November 05, 2021, 05:52:15 PM »
Been awhile, just dropping by for some pimping.
Anyway, a project I have been working on for awhile is now up for sale on DriveThru RPG.
Transdimensional Adventures is a multi-genre RPG which lets you play characters of various genres getting together for multiple-world-spanning exploration and adventuring. A characters home world type distinctly influences their allowed races, skills and classes and gives built-in abilities, but the character creation system is fairly flexible and gives characters the option to change considerably as they level-up. Includes 15 races; spellcasting rules; psionics rules; mutation system; cybernetics; brief equipment lists for modern, futuristic and fantasy); magic items; and GM stuff like a bestiary and world generation tables. It uses its own rules system that is d20-based but engineered specifically for it.

As well as the core rules, a quick-start and adventure book are available to test drive the system.