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Three Blockbusters Coming November 18th!

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From medieval knights to semi-apocalyptic bio warfare. Check out these tabletop role-playing hybrids bound to revolutionize Indie.​

Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour, is a hybrid tabletop/FPS game set in a bio chemical semi apocalyptic world. You’ll take control of John Wagner, special ops agent for the zombie extermination task force (Z.E.T.F). Your mission is to infiltrate a suspicious bio research facility, and find out what kind of research is being performed at the site. After completing the mission, grab your polyhedral dice set and PDF to continue the adventure with a classic tabletop rpg.

Build your special ops team, customize your arsenal, engage PMCs, dispose of dangerous threats, and continue to expand the Z.E.T.F in any direction you choose. The game delivers infinite possibilities with a nostalgic feel of a light-ruled homebrew TRPG. Game Masters will be able to build upon the existing game rules with ease, accommodating the gameplay style to all kinds of experience levels.​

Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age, is a story driven adaptation of both 2018 and 2019’s best selling Tabletop RPGs, Knights & Legends and New Horizon by Felix, J.​
You’ll be introduced to the world of Ezora, a realm full of history and mysteries to uncover. In this story, you’ll be taking the role of Maximilian Kreutzer, a mystic Templar warrior of the Xhinian Order. You’re assigned the task of investigating the mysterious disappearance of two fellow Templars. But before Maximilian realizes, things spiral out of control. Leading him on a quest beyond the world of the living. Where he then must overcome the trials of the mysterious Eidolon, keeper of the Outer World.​

The game’s unforgiving combat system doesn’t allow for second chances! During your quest, you’ll cross swords with a wide variety of enemies, each with their own unique set of skills and abilities. Bandits, Assassins, Direwolves, Undead Magi, Dragons, and many other mythological beings await in this dark fantasy adventure.​

Experience an unique original soundtrack as you play. Your emotions will transition with each new level, as tranquility, suspense, action, and drama add to the game’s detail-rich atmosphere. K&L: DNA is a remarkable medieval adventure that’s guaranteed to stay with you for the rest of your life.​

Ultimate Edition Bonus Content
• Original Soundtrack
• Collector’s Booklet (DriveThruRPG Exclusive Content)
• Original Animation (DriveThruRPG Exclusive Content)
• Blood Oath Mod (DriveThruRPG Exclusive Content)
• Classic Knights & Legends TRPG (DriveThruRPG Exclusive Content)
• K&L’s Original Adventure Trilogy (DriveThruRPG Exclusive Content)
• New Horizon: All-In-One Core Book (DriveThruRPG Exclusive Content)
• All New Horizon Adventure Books (DriveThruRPG Exclusive Content)

An indirect continuation of Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age.
Knights & Legends: Omega is an episode based classic jrpg, featuring a play now, buy later module. The game continues the dark tale of its predecessor’s fallen templar, the hero Maximilian Kreutzer. During a turbulent time where the fate of the xhinian faith is in the brink of collapse. Maximilian continues his journey, this time in the eastern hemisphere of Ezora. Far away from the place he calls home. Working as common mercenary, under the orders of the church’s archbishop, a corrupted nefarious man. ​

This is the first episode of a long tale. About a man with a long lost sense of purpose, no glory. Will Maximilian find his way, his happiness? That will depend entirely on you. Support the game for subsequent chapters, and take advantage of an ever expanding lore-rich story with onward save compatibility.​
Felix, J is the renown writer of the original Knights & Legends Tabletop RPG (2018). The game, received major spotlight during its release by unintentionally highlighting gender related limitations which sent out polarizing views all over the globe. This put the young author in a tough spot between those who approved of the game’s rules and the then recently brewed online trend labelled cancel culture.​

For many months right after the game’s release, several smear and misinformation campaigns were launched against the author. But during the chaos something unexpected happened. The cancel trend ended up working in favor of the new book, rapidly expending its reach to a much broader audience. From that moment on, a large percentage of viewers fully embraced the startup’s vision.​
Inspired by the game’s success, the author offered all existing buyers a free upgrade to a visually enhanced version of the same core book. Which was later rebranded Knights & Legends: A Dark Fantasy Tabletop RPG | 2nd Edition . Soon after, the author began working with the feedback received to create a follow up adventure trilogy to the original K&L core book. The new adventure books were labeled Shadow Lords, Lost Relics, and Rogue Priest Expansion. The latter, served the purpose of closing the cliffhangers from the previous stories, but also as an advanced expansion to the existing set of rules.​

15 months later, the New Horizon: All-In-One Core Book (2019), was self published in the same manner as its predecessors. This time around, the author focused in valued buyers input to shape and mold the now three times bigger core book. The game offered a total of 180 pages, many high quality illustrations, and a multi layered set of rules ranging from moderate to complex.​
New Horizon, became a best seller twice as fast as the original Knights & Legends. While the book was still freshly released, the author gave up his profits for a greater cause by taking part in a charity fundraiser towards 2020’s Australian wildfires. The core book was included free of charge in a DriveThruRpg (OBS) bundle containing a variety of other tabletop role playing games that mutually sought aiding the same cause. In technicality, New Horizon, remains the author’s greatest hit with five times more distributed copies than the previous OSR inspired, Classic Knights & Legends.​

During March 2020’s COVID-19 breakout, the author decided to enact a long thought out goal, the realization of transforming his best selling core and adventure books into a full cinematic 3D role-playing game. His vision gave birth to Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age. Few months before launching it, a playable demo was released, giving the author’s audience a peek into what to expect from the upcoming Dawn of a New Age, a bold and visionary idea that merge the worlds of tabletop and video game into one. The demo was received with praise and admiration from both isles of gaming, and even nabbed a new audience in Brazil. Currently, after releasing Dawn of a New Age, the author plans to gain momentum with his new intellectual property Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour. And towards Q3 2021, Felix also plans to become available to develop for other gamers and aspiring game designers.​

For more, visit the games official website at

As a special thank you to all my fans and supporters, on release day, all those which are currently subscribed for e-mail notifications from me through DriveThruRpg will be receiving a $5 off coupon code for Dawn of a New Age soon after the game is published. Check your mailbox and please take advantage of that offer.

* You must be subscribed to Knights & Legends Tabletop RPG on DTRPG.

* Must have purchased either K&L or New Horizon core books.

* Coupons may be mailed out up to a week prior release.

Thank you for your continued support!

Felix, J.

Did you know? You can play the Dawn of a New Age demo today!

* See if your PC can handle the required specs

* Warm up to the story and playstyle

* Win x64  Mac OS

Download From DriveThruRPG

Fan Kit
Delve deeper into the dark world of Ezora when you check out the new Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age fan kit. Ready to use content for social media, blogs, articles, and websites.

Here's the latest happening in the world of Knights & Legends!
I've been hard at work dealing with a lot of preps for the release of K&L and Co. games. Everything is going as planned for a November 18th release. No more delays! I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience the July-November postponement may have caused. From COVID, to publisher talks, many things played a role in this four month delay.

Dawn of a New Age's game development was brutal. Yet, I can't emphasize enough how I loved every second of it. It's thanks to your continuous support I was able to create these games. I promise you I gave them my very best with the budget at hand, no penny was spared. And just so you know, earnings from the upcoming games will be largely invested in expanding future game development even further.

Taking a closer look at the history of Knights & Legends

June 2018

Budget: $200
Classic Knights & Legends was officially published. What followed was a trilogy of adventure books including one expansion module.

September 2019

Budget: $600
The New Horizon: All-In-One core book was officially published. Serving as advanced K&L, it offered three times more content than its predecessor, including a multi-layered set of rules and a new original campaign full of twists. Later on, two additional adventures were crafted for the game.

November 2021

Budget: $1500
TRPG/3D Hybrid - Video Game
Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age, the world's first tabletop/3D hybrid will be released. Introducing an all new way to explore the dark world of Ezora. The ultimate edition features many unique extras alongside the complete Knights & Legends series. Dawn of a New Age's biggest goal is to connect the worlds of tabletop role-playing games and 3D games, merging them into one.


Thank you for your continued support! Here's to remind you, if you're current subscriber with either Classic K&L or New Horizon in your DTRPG game library you'll be receiving $5 OFF when Dawn of a New Age is released. Be sure to check your mailbox before purchasing in order to redeem this offer.

Available Now: Advanced Virtual RPG 2020

Budget: $50
Realistic Dice Simulator
Roll a set of virtual polyhedral dice and manage your characters at no additional cost. Support this project for future dice sims with many more features to come. Take me there!

View other products, official website, and more when you visit the publisher page.


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