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Three Blockbusters Coming November 18th!

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Hello friends, thank you for your purchases and support. The Knights & Legends fanbase is a solidifying little by little. For a fairly new dark fantasy rpg, having such small cult following with this much loyalty is simply intense. Thank you!

As a reminder to anyone who wishes to experience the thrills of Ezora, Knights & Legends switched platforms. You can still acquire the game at drivethrurpg at your earliest convenience anytime within the next few months. But if you want to go above and beyond, buy it from, there I get 100% of the funds. You’ll make a much more positive difference towards the future of the series.

If you wish to learn more about this transition, please visit the game’s official website at DTR-2-ITCH – FANTASY GAMES BY FELIX

For those who knew Felix, they already know he was of one, if not the best in the hobby. All original dark fantasy games was his trade. With a small but solid cult following, he turned a literally unknown trpg into multiple consecutive best selling titles in under 4 years. Have faith brothers, let’s pray to the Ezorian gods. Maybe they’ll at least give us Dawn of a New Age. More updates to be posted shortly at

I'm confused, if Felix has passed away then who is posting on his Twitter account?

Sup good people!? Surprise, surprise, they got wifi up here too! Hey turns out I'm enjoying it a bit too much so I'm gonna hang out in the clouds a bit longer. Meanwhile, check out the new teaser for the upcoming Dawn of a New Age. I kinda gotta push that publish button, so I'll have to resurrect sooner or later. Adios!

psst... Don't forget to leave a like or go above and beyond when you subscribe.

During my absence in the real world, cultists have gathered to express their discontent with my passing. I put them to good use. Today, was a rather remarkable and mostly entertaining day. I set the bait and the trolls sprung to action. My name was all over reddit. People who never heard of me now were curious to see who was this godly figure the cultists so fiercely despised. Talk about useful idiots. 1k views in less than 24 hours on the latest Dawn of a New Age teaser. Not so obscure after all, huh!? Don't mind the dislikes, it's only a tickle. Please look forward to the resurrection special. As ta la vista!


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