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Three Blockbusters Coming November 18th!

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Limited Hardcover Update
I was so impressed by the overall quality of the proof copy, that I went ahead and secured THE three copies before the printer encounters any sort of material shortage, or price change. These copies will remain sealed until you place your order, so then they can be customized and shipped to you while cutting approximately two weeks of wait time. This means you could receive your specialty limited and signed copy in as low as six business days (depending on location), once inventory is ready and available. All books ship with tracking, so you can have confidence and peace of mind knowing exactly where your copy is at all times as it makes your way to you.

The video above showcases the proof copy. Though, I must emphasize there's absolutely nothing like being able to hold this solid, perfectly made hardcover in your own hands. Another reason why I went with 'limited' to keep it extra special for fans, collectors, and those who really wish to support me while receiving something of value in return.

Nice presentations! What are you doing to increase actual play of your games?


--- Quote from: Spinachcat on August 26, 2021, 05:13:12 PM ---Nice presentations! What are you doing to increase actual play of your games?

--- End quote ---

Thank you! Great question...
During my hiatus, I took a step back and reproached K&L from many different angles. What I valued the most about the game was it's freedom to forge your own path. However, with the original Knights & Legends some buyers complained about a lack of guidance towards the setting. To remedy that, I created a fairly small adventure trilogy. While it worked quite well, some expressed the adventures were too linear.

Now, here's the impressive thing about the original K&L. It still selling today, 3 years past it's original release. These sales are largely driven by fans spreading the word both in the US and EU. That's a great thing, and here's why. The game appeals to a specific type of crowd, and that's somewhat of what I aimed for from the get go. Even while I was focused in some other projects the fanbase keeps growing, slowly but surely.

With Dark Ink, the goal is to keep expanding the game's reach with a highly immersive setting, by giving current and new fans the ultimate experience. Details that can only be acquired with time, research, and experience. Since 2016 my understanding of the community has expanded greatly. This facilitates communication a lot. And with my supporters previous investment, today I am able to deliver bolder, bigger and better products. Game Masters will have a much easier time setting up quests and adventures with the remodeled core rules. And this time around, players will benefit from a lore rich immersive tale before even hopping into the world itself. This will give an even deeper meaning to playing K&L in general. All while keeping the game's much valued element of freedom, and introducing numerous new ideas.

Limited Hardcover Update #2
Sharing with you some more screenshots I couldn't include in the video, due to its minute long length.
On average, people will rarely engage with a video until the very last frame. I'm one of those. By keeping videos short, it's one way to transmit the message across effectively. This saves both mine and viewers time, in an era where every minute is most precious. Enjoy the preview! The limited hardcover is available for preorder at or catch it digital at dtrpg on 09-02-21.

Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour | New Promo
In case you've missed the first update, here's a perfect chance to catch up. Go above and beyond when you leave the video a like.
Your support is appreciated!

S&Z, is a semi-apocalyptic tactical ops survival horror TRPG/3D game. Much of its influence comes from the current state of the world, and imagining a not too distant future where civilizations all over the globe have collapsed. Not only that, the modern aspects of the game allow its expansion to a broader audience. However, it still isn't recommended for everyone.

In comparison to Knights & Legends, which delivers an accurate dark fantasy medieval experience, Shotguns & Zombies allows the players to invent and explore new ideas without any boundaries. That means you're free to play in 'modern times' or you can take it a step further into a post apocalyptic setting without drastically changing the game's rules.

Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour, focus in modern days weaponry, bio-warfare, private military companies (PMCs), and constant grasp for power. E.g. you could invade another PMC's base in order to acquire weaponry and med kits. You could achieve that by using brute force, or taking a stealth approach. All of that while you dealing with the biological aspects of things, face the infected, experiment with human genomes, build your own PMC, expand ranks, customize weapons, etc.

With the exception of the 3D game, the tabletop rpg version requires two players minimum to work as intended, there's no limits to the size of the table. Play online with 10+ people should you wish, split then into different factions. The game focus in team work. Highlighting rankings, different pay rates, and much more.

To play it, it will require a small amount of prep first. The 3D game included is the fastest way to understand the vision and direction for the game. It could even be used to rank players depending how well they perform in the mission. The GM is responsible for putting the desired setting together, or he/she can continue from where the 3D game left off.

I'll be talking a bit more about it when we get closer to the November 18th, release date. Meanwhile, you can catch a glimpse of the settings and world in this PDF Demo. Be advised the demo is not meant for playtesting, releasing the full set of rules would imply giving away the game's secrets to copycats, competitors, etc. Remember where you read it first, and thank you for your understanding.   

Like all of my games, Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour will require your full support in order to stand on its feet. You'll be able to purchase the game from DTRPG and Itch e-stores. Unlike Knights & Legends: Dawn of a New Age, both stores will feature the same version of the game. Let's turn this game into another best seller so I can continue developing this new adventure further, alongside your feedback.


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