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Knights & Legends 3E Development Update #3

Here's a first look into character classes. Each class will boast its own stats, which will them be combined with race stats. Right now, I'm considering keeping player classes to a variety of five. It will feel a lot more natural to add in depth to them, than add a bunch of generic classes without a strong connection to the setting.

As stated in the game's cover, Dark Ink, OSR Inspired Homebrew. I'll be keeping one continues standard for artwork throughout the game. A homebrewish feel, with professional standards is what you'll experience as you scroll through the many pages featured in this game.

Skills, magic, and abilities will be influenced by the race + class the player picks. The finer details are added later towards the finalization of the character building process. Like previously mentioned, the game will present a different way to play Knights & Legends. I'm focusing in removing the bloat, and only include what really matters to make a crunchy, lore-rich experience. Reminding you that the game is designed with a, DIY adventures, initiative. Thus, I've made the decision to remove Orcs as a playable class. They're still in the world, but mostly as enemies and NPCs. The main races now are Human, Dwarf, and Elf. There's a really good reason for that, but it's only through reading the setting that you'll ultimately understand how logical of choice that was. And to be frank, if players still want to play an Orc, they still can. though, that would deviate from the main setting of 3E.

That means the core book provides you everything you need to start role-playing across Ezora. You can follow the extra spiced up setting, or come up with your own ideas while being provided everything you need to start rolling. Setting up a game will be quicker than 2E, thanks to many, many extra features being added to the latest version. If you own classic K&L, you've already noticed the difference.

It is much unfortunate I can't openly discuss in-depth of the rules, due to the world we live in. Though, I try my best to give you a hint of what to expect. Knowing its predecessor did much better than anticipated, I am confident you'll come to enjoy 3E even more. The secret, made with love and in tune with fan feedback.

More updates are coming in the next few days!

Thank you for your continued support! Please look forward to it in the coming days.  ;)

More details coming later this week.

Development Update #4

Knights & Legends: Dark Ink 3e  |  09-02-2021
Welcome to a lore-rich, vibrant world of knights and legends. Following the popularity of its predecessor, Dark Ink breathes new life into the perilous world of Ezora. Players will find bliss and be endowed with infinite knowledge as they scroll through the core book's highly engaging, original dark fantasy setting.

Read it as you would Shakespeare! World immersion, starts the moment you lay eyes in its introduction page. Followed by 30 more, dedicated solely to Ezorian lore. 3e's compact design delivers everything you'll need to start your adventure, minus the bloat. Like they say, great things come in small packages.

Exploring The Core Mechanics
Once players have been bestowed with basic knowledge, comes character creation. A variety of five different classes and three world races are available by default. Classes in particular, come with their own unique stats, which include pros and cons to each. Once a player picks a class, they're to choose a race. This is the second step of character creation. Race stats, are them summed up or subtracted from the class base stats. From there on, players have a limited amount of Kescs to spend on their hero's starting gear. This includes a variety of items, arms, and armour to pick from. It's advised players only take what's necessary, avoid being over encumbered.

What follows, is the selection of skills and wizardry from a diverse roster. Magick, includes a variety of benevolent and malevolent spells. Anyone can cast magick from the Incunabulum Arcana. From healing, to elemental, to summoning. Though, the Mage class will always have the upper hand when it comes to manipulating these arts. As your hero levels from amateur to master expertise, you'll gain access to even more powerful spells. Some are deemed so powerful, like Rapture, which summons a horde of demons to aid you in combat, that not only they'll consume mana, but also drain the summoner's life. One should tread carefully in the arts of blood magick, it could ultimately consume its user in the process.

This is a mere glimpse of a detail-rich, set of core rules that awaits within. Knights & Legends: Dark Ink, gives both player and Game Master alike, infinite possibilities with incredible flexibility and unique game mechanics. Weather you prefer short adventures or large and complex quests, the game got your back! Its DIY module is unprecedented to an existent, giving the Game Master and players total control of their uniquely crafted adventures through the vast and perilous world of Ezora. Now, featuring a nostalgic and consistent dark ink design with all new content, for seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.

Here Are The Last Few Steps In The Development Process
The core book is currently being revised, and is being sent out to three local groups for playtesting. Meanwhile, I’ll be proofreading the contents of the book with another individual to insure you get nothing but the very best. There's one more little surprise to be announced soon.

Would like to take a moment to announce the companion app which will be released alongside K&L: Dark Ink.
The app, isn't exactly the surprise I was referring to in my previous post. I gets much better, it's coming!
Thank you for your continued support.

Experience the best of Dark Ink, in an authentic homebrew format! With personalized pen strokes by the author, including front cover signature and a numbered certificate of authenticity. This specialty limited edition won’t last long. Only three of these certificates were printed. That means the hardcover edition is a very rare collector’s item. Get yours before they’re gone!

Product Description
♦ 8×10 Specialty Hardcover Format
♦ Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Paper
♦ Certificate of Authenticity
♦ Written In Dark Ink
♦ Personalized Edits
♦ Signed by Author

For more, please visit the product's page.

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