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The Earth is Not Dead, only reborn as EarthAD.2


HardNova 2 brought you fast and flexible "Space Action Adventure." Then Coyote Trail provided the same fast and flexible rules for the grittiness of the Wild West. Now Precis Intermedia unleashes EarthAD 2 for fast and flexible "Roleplaying after the Cataclysm." During the days of Old Earth, man conquered the land. Then the terrible cataclysms came, wiping out civilization as we know it. The land is now filled with all sorts of hazards as it attempts to avenge itself upon man--rogue machines, plagues, beasts, and even man himself.


EarthAD 2 includes everything you need for thrilling Post-Apocalyptic Adventure, yet does so in a tidy and light package optimized for download and printing. It can be used for one-shot adventures or as a foundation for your own campaign based on your favorite movie, television program, comic, or novel. Survivors explore and eke out a meager existence on a devastated Earth that is shattered into regions of desolate Wastes, deadly Roads, untamed Wilds, unexplored Undervalleys, hidden Vaults and Enclaves, inactive Metal Cities, competing Swaying Cities, and more.

EarthAD 2 includes rules to create mutants, cybernetic beings, plague-carriers, and even sentient animals. It features simple rules for combat between characters and transports, five continuing scenarios, story ideas, reference sheets, makeshift transports, and ready-to-use character templates. Even Disposable Dice(tm) which can be printed, cut-out, and assembled are provided. Like HardNova 2 and Coyote Trail, EarthAD 2 utilizes the genreDiversion i rules, providing intuitive and dynamic mechanics with 2 six-sided dice.

Priced at only $4.95 for the 86-page ebook, EarthAD 2 is affordable yet comprehensive. Also, look for future supplements for EarthAD 2. Want a printed version? Use our PDFinPrint(sm) service -- we print, bind, and ship it to you but you still have access to the download for immediate gratification.

Visit the Precis Intermedia web site for more information, and other roleplaying games and accessories.


Damn it, there goes some more money.

Expect a sale this evening. :D

Zachary The First:
Make that 2--or at least by the end of the week (as soon as I get some $).

pig ROCKS.

The Evil DM:
Will there be a Thundarr supplement??

Who was the celebrity for the public service announcement? ;)

There are a number of supplements planned, but I'm not sure if anything qualifies as Thundarr. It's been a while, so I don't remember it all that much.


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