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The Action begins with Customizable WWII Paper Minis


Precis Intermedia has released its first set of soldiers for Disposable Heroes® paper miniatures. Select, customize, and download stand-up figures and flat counters featuring World War II American and German infantry, plus a few machine guns.


Disposable Heroes are full color, downloadable paper miniatures that can be customized through an online interface. You can specify which figures are downloaded to a PDF file, as well as whether or not they are labeled and/or numbered. In addition, entire pages of duplicate figures can be downloaded, making the creation of armies a breeze. Plus, flat counters can also be created. When printed, the minis are sharp and detailed (black & white figures can also be downloaded for those with older non-color printers). The next generation of downloadable paper minis are here -- affordable and customizable, you can't go wrong with Disposable Heroes. Also look for our low-cost, plastic stand-up bases for better tabletop stability and to cut down on assembly times.

Stay tuned for upcoming horror, Steampunk Musha™, and more fantasy and pulp sets. And if you prefer pre-printed minis, we are taking pre-orders for our Ready-to-Use Fantasy Minis Book.

Incorporating one of the first e-publishing RPG companies, Precis Intermedia (formerly Politically Incorrect Games) is known for its diverse line-up of clear and concise roleplaying games, as well as its commitment to developing new ways of working with downloadable content. Precis Intermedia's current game lines include HardNova 2, Coyote Trail, and EarthAD 2 for low-cost, ready-to-play entertainment; Iron Gauntlets for customizable heroic fantasy gaming; Active Exploits Diceless for universal diceless roleplaying with that familiar 'dice' feel; Two-Fisted Tales for thrilling pulp action; Story Engine for scene and adjective-based, collaborative roleplaying; and more. For more information, visit the Precis Intermedia web site.



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